Thursday, November 27, 2008

keep your heart and guard it!!

Well darlin I have to say that it's probably to late to lock the barn door after the cows have escaped! Dad and I are of the opinion that doing these things will make your situation worse. It will only keep deteriorating for the next year. I would hate to see her treat you guys like enemies. And that's what you'll be if you take her choices away. You have always treated her like an adult and given her your trust before. Now because of Peter it's like your telling her it was all crap! I know you don't want to see her get hurt emotionally or physically, but that could happen at any time if she stays with him. Keeping her home won't keep her away from him. You know I think it's time for you to let her go. Let her make her own mistakes, and still love and trust you enough to come home when they smack her in the face.

Mom is with you one-hundred percent! She would do everything in her power to stop Lulu from going. She believes Lulu is not old enough to move out or make her own decisions and she would use the law to keep her at home. Mom thinks Lulu won't hold it against you or be bitter and pissed for a year before she leaves. Also she is worried about Lulu being the type to fall prey to the abuse Peter is probably going to dish out, and not be strong enough to get out of it.

Now, having read these things, do you remember what a jerk I was at Lulu's age? Who doesn't? I made a lot of mistakes and treated mom and dad like crap. Especially when they tried to interfere or say no. Ultimately it's up to you and Larry to make the call! The last thing I will say is that if she's not even sticking up for you on texts anymore, then it's most likely time for her to check out real life without you!

Love and The DA? Seriously? Who are you? Hildi

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