Thursday, November 27, 2008

Here's my heart...Please shatter it!

Sorry!!! I know it was my turn and I cheated with the text blurbs but honestly life has been in such chaos lately! Mostly because of Lulu...but also because we got Irwin home for a visit...and because of being sick. You know, the usual.

So Lulu...geez...that girl is gonna be the death of me. Honestly Jaci said I was brilliant the other day...but I don't feel brilliant. In fact...if you ever hear me offer parenting advice to anyone ever again...please slap me...because it's obvious that I have not got a clue. So things were getting rough. And it had definately gotten into an us [her parents] vs. them [her & peter] situation which is never good of course. So Larry and I talked it over and I took her out for lunch & coffee and presented her with two choices. First choice: she could move out a week from monday (this was on a saturday). But she had to give us this entire week. No Peter at all. Just to gel as a family again and repair all of our broken relationships. So that she was leaving on good terms and would remember that she had a home she could always come back to with people who loved her. Second choice: she could stay indefinately. She would have rules though. 10:30 curfew on weeknights, midnight on weekends. No staying overnight at Peter's house. Asking before making plans. Getting her GED. Enrolling in college. She chose option one. I knew she would but hoped she wouldn't. So we start our "family" week and it's going great. Really feeling like it did when we were on vacation. Tuesday she and I go to springfield to get Irwin. We had lunch, shopped a little, it was awesome. Like old times. Absolutely no fighting. Then Peter starts texting me. Then he's being an ass about how I'm not allowed in his house. (I was going to go over and help Lulu shampoo the bedroom carpet). And how he's such a great guy because he got her a car. (um. actually his dad is giving them a car for Lulu to drive. They are supposed to make payments on it but he NEVER pays his dad back.) yeah, he's a prince alright. So I'm showing Lulu every text & my response and we're kinda laughing at him. Good day!

Well yesterday we are sitting in the family room and just playing around I ask to read her text messages (always more interesting then mine). So she hands me the phone. Turns out he texted her tuesday and said I was a "dumb bitch". Now this doesn't suprise me but what hurt was that she didn't defend me at all. Talk about stomping on a mothers heart. Well obviously we had a scene. I'm not sure I can forgive this one. First off she knew I wasn't being a bitch and second how could she let him say that about me and not jump his ass?! I don't let anyone call her that! So things were rough yesterday. Larry gave her a good talking to as well. And Jethro just didn't talk to her. She went to work. Of course she texted a million apologies and said she texted him and lectured him about respecting her parents and stuff but who knows. So Larry and I talked and I called the State Police to see if she really could move out at 17. He didn't know for sure but didn't think so if we didn't allow it. He gave me the DA's number and said to call them friday for sure. He did say we could revoke her drivers license if we want until she's 18. Did you know parents could do that?! Wow. Anyway. We discussed it and if she can't legally move out without our permission til she's 18 we aren't giving it. She'll stay here and she'll have some pretty strict rules. She may hate me for it for now...but in the end she'll thank me. And I couldn't look myself in the face if I let her go to him without a fight. Because he'll destroy her.

But the best part is...last night she goes to the grocery after work to pick us up some stuff and then comes home and is talking to me. Her phone keeps going off...turns out its Peter. He wants to know why the hell she's at the grocery. What is she doing? Why isn't she answering?! I mean he's seriously tripping out. So she texts him that she's screwing the stockboys. Hahaha. Then he gets all mad at her and accuses her of going there to see Riley (her first know the marine). That he knows he's back in town. So basically he's accusing her of being a whore who lies to him. Well she gets pissed and tells him off. He keeps texting not making sense and we decide he's probably been drinking (which he's promised her not to do) and he's being a dick. (ooo...big suprise). So far she hasn't heard from his today and she's still pissed. So she says and I hope to hell it's true!!!! So that's the story for now.

How is your visit with mom & dad going?! I miss you guys so much and wish we were there!

Irwin's visit is going great!!! We are having a blast.


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