Monday, November 10, 2008

So hard to get good help...


Welcome to monday morning! So how was the [hopefully] brief visit with your monster-in-law? I hope Patience enjoyed the movie. Shame on Jerome!

So today started with Jethro waking me at 6:30 to inform me that he had no clean pants and therefore could not attend drivers ed today. Do you think that's a legitimate excuse I can phone in to the school secretary? "I'm sorry...Jethro won't be coming to school today...he's suffering from a case of nobodydidlaundryatmyhouse-itis." Thankfully he's acing the class [really...who doesn't ace driver's ed?] and won't be harmed by today's mini vacation. And when I did rise at 8 he was watching a show on the history channel about samurais in 15th century japan. Thank god I have intellectually motivated children!

Back to what appears to be a laundry crisis. How does this happen you ask? Well apparently the "laundry fairy" [Lulu] did not do laundry this weekend and so the resulting lack of pants in my household. And truly there was a lack for Larry was forced to wear camouflage pants this morning as they were the only ones he had clean. Well on Lulu's behalf...she did work friday night, saturday and sunday. And she went to bed at 8 last night due to lack of sleep saturday night [her own at Peter's cousins house. Also attended by Jethro who subsequently slept most of yesterday]. How to avert future crisises? Well I came up with a list. All of the options seemed like common sense to me know...

  1. Please inform backup "laundry fairy" [me] that laundry has reached critical mass.
  2. When taking last pair of pants from closet please inform SOMEONE that it is indeed your last pair!
  3. Learn, in case of emergency of course, to do your own damn laundry!

up to my neck in dirty clothes,


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