Thursday, November 6, 2008

An Introduction...

so let me introduce us...

I'm Gertrude. I'm seven years older then Hildi. We grew up in a military household. Dad was in the service so we got drug all over the place. I went to 9 different schools in 12 years of schooling and Hildi went to 9. I loved moving & didn't mind changing schools. Hildi now says she liked it...but I seem to remember her hating it. Of course I loved school and Hildi hated it. Sometimes I think we grew up in the backseat of the family car...traveling from wherever to wherever or coming home to the midwest and mom's family for visits or to the south for visits with dad's kin. We were a pretty close family and when we moved to a new place we only had each other until we made friends. So despite the age difference, Hildi & I were close. Until I left home. After I graduated, I moved to the midwest to stay with our gma and go to school. Hildi moved to yet another base with the parents way out west. Then I got married (far earlier than planned) and Hildi felt she lost me. Hildi's teenage years were kinda rough and while she was dealing with that I was dealing with three small children, life in a small town, and very little money.

But happily-- years later...I have three teenagers...Irwin...who just turned 18...has autism. He lives in a group home about two hours away where he has access to newer treatments, attends a school with people trained about autism, and can keep a routine. We all miss him dearly but he comes home for visits frequently and seems content where he is. Lulu is 17...she works, has a steady boyfriend (not the one I'd choose for her of course), and is a pretty responsible girl. She's also drop dead gorgeous which creates no end of problems let me tell you. Jethro is 15...he attends the local high school for drivers ed only. We homeschool him and Lulu. He has a genius IQ and really doesn't like a lot of people. He's the funniest person I know. And Larry...the husband. He's a pretty good guy. Funny, hardworking, loves his family.

And Hildi's family? Well she's has two adorable daughters. Patience is 8. And the name is true irony. She is a smart pretty little girl who reminds me alot of Jethro at that age. Intellectually anyway. She is in 3rd grade. Prudence is 3...and beautiful, good-natured and also smart. She is still the baby of the family and very attached to her momma! Both of them of course, adore their aunt Gert! And Hildi is a favorite with my fact...sometimes I think Lulu and Hildi are one soul in two bodies. They are that much alike. And Hildi is married to Jerome. Also a pretty good guy. Hard worker, loves his family, great sense of humor. Currently driving Hildi crazy. But if there's one thing I've learned after 18 years of's that you'll have that now and again.

And Hildi and I once again have each other. Sure I have a little more marriage & parenting experience but we're on way more equal footing. And Hildi is still young enough to remind me what it was like to be a teenager which definately helps.

So read on dear that the basics are out of the way....let's get to the good stuff...



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