Friday, November 7, 2008



Why is it that a husband's sympathy lasts less time than his attention span? They sure are great for those first five minutes! It is precisely the same when you have an argument. They piss and moan and then expect you to be over whatever has happened between the two of you in a matter of hours. I wish I knew if this trait was gained in high school or achieved in early adulthood. Sometimes I truly think it would be a valuable asset for a woman to be able to forgive and forget so quickly. What lady doesn't want to simply forget the harsh remarks or heartbreaking moments caused by a testosterone filled oaf? However I can honestly say I have enjoyed my justified anger and moments of clarity that stem from feeling something for longer than a day! I'm not sure how they are capable of everlasting devotion or love, when they can't sustain any other emotion for more then a few hours or a day at best! And lets face it some things they can't sustain for more then mere minutes!! Oh you short-sighted, narrow-minded, hairy, pain-in-the-asses! I have to go finish laundry now.

love and insanity,

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