Friday, November 14, 2008

You need a drink!


Wow! I'm getting the feeling your upset. Honestly, there isn't a stinkin thing you can do to change it. Really. That's it. It won't stop her decisions from breaking your heart, hurting your head, or just plain pissing you off! However, you have to let her go! It may be into the arms of, if not the dumbest guy ever, at least the most wrong for her guy you know. Still, until she decides otherwise, that is all. No, I realize I don't have a teenager, but I don't think their feelings now are that different then they were when you were about her age. Yes, the situation was different. Larry is a good guy. You had not lived at home in over a year. But remember how mom and dad tried to talk you into waiting and finishing college. They did everything they could to convince you that you were too young and there was no need to rush.They couldn't see the future and neither can you. She might move out and open her eyes enough to be done with him. I'm not saying your wrong in Lulu's situation. The point is you can't talk her out of good or bad choices, because they're her choices. Harsh? I'm sorry! Hey I could be wrong! It has happened once or twice.( Don't tell! ) I love you both and I wish there were more I could do or say to ease this conflict. Do me a favor and try not to get soo stressed! Realize that you fought the good fight and stand down for a bit.
For the last five years at Christmas time it has been; me making the list, me going shopping, and me wrapping the presents. Ok so Jerome does help wrap, because he freakin rocks at it! The difference this year is he was off this past week and so we decided to get things done. I have to say that he came through with flying colors. Calm down! For a man that means he only complained twice on both days, and made me angry three times. Oh yeah the traffic almost caused a spastic attack of some sort, but really he was great. I am done except for two people and it isn't even Thanksgiving!!! I thank you Jerome. You have made my season sooo much easier.( Take note, because tomorrow I will be mad at him again!

love and haha Christmas(take that), Hildi

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