Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So I lied...

I have not come to terms with the Lulu situation at all!!! I'm so stressed and strung out about it I can barely think straight. Why the change you ask? Well there are several contributing factors...first Peter is a pain in the ass. Went with him to get the ring. It was okay. He was even kind of cute in that dopey male way they all have. You know, talking about when to give it to her, what he'd say, and just being all proud of himself. Of course he totally ruins all that not two hours later by texting me to ask if Lulu can go to a party when she gets off work. Um. Hello. Were you not listening earlier when I told you that your drinking was one of the biggest problems I had with you? Not to mention that you both have to work the next day so that's seriously irresponsible. So he says he's not going to drink much and Lulu can drive. So um, not only are you dragging my daughter to a party at one of your sisters friends houses (his sisters hate Lulu and are not nice to her) but now she's supposed to watch you and your loser friends and family drink yourselves stupid and drive your irresponsible alcoholic ass home? Gosh, why wouldn't I say yes when you present such a fun filled option for her?! I finally said he'd have to talk to her. Of course she said no. So not only was he mad at her, but so were his friends and family. You know, for being such a fun-sucker and trying to turn him into a sober, responsible, mature human being. Damn that girl! And then the next night he got all pissy in text messages with me because we gave her a 10:30 curfew. And won't let him come to our house anymore. As thought I need to discuss my rules with him? I think he's damn lucky we let her out of the house at all.
The second reason for my discontent is that Bill is home. Yep, graduated from marine boot camp friday, flew into Kansas City saturday and headed home. His first stop? The mall to see Lulu at work. Then we went to lunch with his grandparents, mom, sister & niece, and him yesterday. He wore his uniform. People stopped by the table to tell him how proud they were and that they appreciated what he was doing for his country. Honest to god I had goosebumps. Then she hung with him and then Jethro and I met them at Applebees for dinner. They look amazing together. And he treats her with respect and affection. It hurts to watch, knowing that she chooses to be with someone who treats her like crap and no one respects, much less likes. Even if she never dated Bill, the fact that she can't see how she deserves to be treated and respect herself enough to want that breaks my heart. I kick myself now. I can see a dozen different places I should have put my foot down and maybe Peter would be out of her life. Somedays it hurts to even look at her knowing that she'll be leaving our house to be with him.

On a good note...I'm going to see the midnight showing of "twilight" tomorrow night!!! I'm so freakin excited, it's not even funny! Bill's mom invited me & Lulu. Since she has kids who work at the movie theatre she's got the pull to get us the tickets & get us in early for good seats!!! Woot woot! I can't wait.

Also, Larry is considering putting in for a job in Minnesota. Pretty exciting, dontcha know? Haha. It's farther north then Fargo, ND. I can't wait to be snowed in with them bears & timber wolves. He's not for sure he wants to apply but me & Jethro are up for the adventure!

I took in some laundry for the deer hunters who are here this week & let me just tell you they paid well!!! The going up & down the stairs to the laundry room put me in some pain...but it was worth it. Nice guys. Great accents. Good tippers!

And last but not least...Lulu's older cat passed away today. We cried and cried. I know she was in pain and that it's better this way but she will be missed. She had taken in the last week to laying on my lap while I was working on the computer. Her company & her warmth will be sorely missed.

tears & smiles & smiles through tears,


  1. So we all lie. It is part of life. Really it is just denial. Hell I am in major denial about a lot of things but it is just easier not to think about it. Glad you got to spend some time with Bill. One could hope Lulu would would change but we all know there is a snowballs chance in hell of that happening.
    Minnesota!!!!! What the hell? JK
    Sorry to hear about kitty. Give Lulu a hug for me (but just for the cat)

  2. Please dont go to Minnesota we would miss you super lots!!! Im also very sorry about the kitty cat!!


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