Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Help me Hildi!


So you are taking your sweet time replying to my quite evident laundry crisis. I can only hope that this is because you are swept up in the happenings of the great town of Forks with the Cullen clan & their friends. [meaning that she has her nose buried in the book "Breaking Dawn"].

So I took some time to peruse the web for other blogs I might enjoy reading, following, recommending. And can I just say "wtf??!" Now...I'm not suggesting that anything you or I post is ever going to be Pulitzer winning but I hope it doesn't leave people scratching their heads and wondering how we can possibly be that stupid and yet live. Everything is either extremely cynical, extremely insipid or downright ludicrous. Oh and apparently only democrats blog...this is evidenced by the enormous amount of pro-Obama wording. So I guess that makes us unusual. And I promise to further strive for entertaining and relevant material.

Now for the ranting part of this post:

I HATE Peter!!! Good god. What is Lulu thinking?! And yes...I know...we've known he's a no good loser verbally abusive drunk ass piece of s*&t for the last two years, but yet again I have to wonder why she doesn't realize this and kick him to the curb once and for all??! He started texting me the other day about how good things were going with him and Lulu. This after they fought sunday again about his drinking. I told him he was an idiot if he thought that. He said that if Lulu told me they were having problems then she was a liar because they weren't. [Hello?! You did not just flat out call my baby a liar?! Are you really that dumb?! The answer is yes...he is!] He then further had a fit because I said he couldn't come over that night. Not what I said at all. I asked Lulu if she wanted to hang out with me that night because Larry & Jethro would not be home. His reply: You got to see her all day and I don't even get the three hours after I get off work. Dude. I'm her MOM! Not to mention that I saw her for two hours this weekend and the rest of the time [when she wasn't at work] she was with you! Get a grip. So the very next day he starts in with the how I'm trying to make things hard for them and they don't have any problems blah blah blah. AND...he does it again. Calls her a liar! So I tell him to stop texting me I'm not gonna listen to his shit. Then I talk to Larry. Then I talk to Lulu and say you to pieces, cannot watch the way he treats you anymore, he's not allowed at the house anymore after tonight. Lulu says she understands. Knows that we love her, ect. Whether she really does or not...who's Lulu. She's not the most emotionally available girl.

So...wonder of wonders [my god the boy is stupid]...he texts me this morning. Conversation goes like this:

him: U sayn i cant come over that only looks like ur tryn to split us up cause this is between me & her & everythings ok now u just make it harder.

me: No. It's our house and we don't want you here. And we don't support her decision to be with you. And as for making it's hard. Get used to it. Deal with it.

him: then u cant stop her from stayn with me.

me: what? staying with you where?

him: I guess where ever we can go now at nite so we can c each other.

me: Um. I'm her mom. She's not 18 yet. I can pretty much stop her from doing anything so don't freakin tell me what I can and can't do!

him: not if she moves out.

me: she can't yet.

him: she's 17. so she can or after she gets her ged. [unfortunately he's right]

me: After she gets her ged. maybe.

him: which she will soon i dont get why ur tryn to push her out cause thats what ur doin.

me: no. I'm trying to get her to get rid of you. And right...if you think she's getting that ged soon you're wrong. [mostly because I'm trying to convince her not too!]

him: that's not going to happen. [getting rid of him I guess]

me: it has before. why should this time be any different?

at which point Lulu got up, read the texts and told him to stop texting me because he's only making things worse! Oh I continuously plot his demise. Only to remind myself that it's really bad karma and I need to stop! Help me Hildi! What's my next move?

at my wits end,


  1. What's wrong with democrats? They just like fairness and equality and want to help people who need help. You know like healthcare for people who can't afford it? Or food for people who lost their jobs due to corporate greed...need I go on? Probably not, I am falling on deaf ears here. But I am pretty sure many people of liberal faiths, like paganism for example would lean more towards the left politically too. But I could be wrong.

    Anyways...I really have nothing to say about your 'dating' situation except that you have a duty and obligation as a mama bear to project your cub.Period

  2. Wait! Are you saying that people who didn't vote for Obama don't want those things for their country?! Hmm...those are fighting words! If I didn't know you & already agree that we just have to disagree on



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